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"What are We Going To Play Today?"

(as presented at the) - 12th Annual Classroom Technology Conference - Oshkosh, WI - 2001

This discussion/work-shop will be a 'hands on' training exercise on how computer technology can effectively be utilized in the school. The idea of "play" is often looked down upon by educators and yet this is within the realm from which our students become masters at skill development. Utilizing Gardner's theories of Multiple Intelligences combined with emerging technologies we will demonstrate how computers allow our students to develop social skills, mastery of fundamental reading, writing, and math skills, and how this new technology already bridges across content and curricular areas.

As we have discovered late in the 20th century there is no singular answer that will suffice. Instead we have learned to adapt, to modify, to prepare ourselves our beliefs our ideals. As our ideals expand so do our perspectives, and this often leaves us in the dangerous path of the "lurching" new ideals . This discussion/work-shop will be an open forum in discussing and discovering our own individual mission statement as to why we are or have become, or desire to be teachers. We will contemplate our missions in comparison to Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory; just exactly what is meant when we say "paradigm shift" and how does one go about shifting their paradigms? Discussion or deconstruction of the potential of Postmodernistic thought with Constructivism , Behaviorism, as well as Ecological theorists will be engaged in.

While the emphasis above suggests a teacher's perspective it is understood, no desired, that parents, students, administrators, and everyone else delve into this activity. Attendees will have opportunity to review different computer games and programs to further understand how computers and other emergent technologies can be utilized throughout the school. This work-shop will be a "hands on" discovery of how "play" and computers can combine into a demonstrable function of education. We will demonstrate the integration of computers through daily classroom activities as well as exchange lessons and curricular ideas developed through the use of software "play".

Khristian E. Kay

Instructional Technology Coordinator / SPED Resource Teacher


A Binary Dichotomy

The Change Process

Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning

Top Ten Mistakes in Education

Conference Notes


Software Bibliography
Language Arts
Reader Rabbit Success System CD-ROM (HYBRID) The Learning Company Grades: PreK-4 Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey I & 2 CD-ROM (HYBRID) The Learning Company Grades: PreK-4
Reading Blaster 4-6, 6-9, 9-12 Spelling Blaster, Spell It Deluxe CD-ROM (HYBRID) Davidson Grades PreK-12 The Living Books Library CD-Rom (HYBRID) Broderbund 1 800 685-6322 Grades PreK-8
Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar Rock CD-ROM (HYBRID) Creative Wonders 1 617 761-3000 Grades: 1-5 Inspiration Inspiration Software, Inc.
Word Games at Camelot 3.5 Floppy (MS-DOS,WIN) Adventure Learning Ware 5667 Snell Ave #236 San Jose, CA 95123 Grades: 3-12 NFL Reading CD-ROM (HYBRID) Theatrix Grades 3-12
Carmen Sandiego Word Detective CD-ROM (HYBRID) Broderbund Grades: 2-8 Write:OutLoud CD-ROM (HYBRID) Don Johnston Grades: K-12

Problem Solving
LOGO Plus 3.5 Floppy (Apple II, MAC, IBM, WIN) Terrapin Software 1-800-774-LOGO Grades: PreK-12 Mission: T.H.I.N.K. CD-ROM (HYBRID) The Learning Company Grades: 2-6
The Cluefinders 3rd Grade Adventures
The Cluefinders 4th Grade Adventures
The Cluefinders 5th Grade Adventures
The Cluefinders 6th Grade Adventures
The Learning Company Grades: 2-6
Schoolhouse Rock: Thinking Games Deluxe CD-ROM (HYBRID) Creative Wonders 1 617 761-3000 Grades: 1-5
Gizmos & Gadgets CD-ROM (HYBRID) The Learning Company Grades: 4-8

Carmen Sandiego Math Detective CD-ROM (HYBRID) Broderbund Grades: 2-8 Pre-Algebra World, Algebra World CD-ROM (HYBRID) Lawrence Productions/Cognitive Technologies Grades: 5-12
Schoolhouse Rock: Math Rock CD-ROM (HYBRID) Creative Wonders 1 617 761-3000 Grades: 1-5 Math Blasters, Geometry Blasters, Algebra Blasters CD-ROM (HYBRID) Davidson Grades PreK-12
Operation Neptune CD-ROM (HYBRID) Grade: 3-8 The Cluefinders Math CD-ROM (HYBRID) The Learning Company Grades: 4-8

Social Studies
Oregon Trail 3rd Edition: Pioneer Adventures CD-ROM (HYBRID) The Learning Company Grades: 4-12 SimTown, SimCity 2000, SimIsle, SimEarth, SimFarm, SimPark, SimCopter, Streets of SimCity, SimAnt, SimLife 3.5 Floppy, CD-ROM (MS-DOS, MAC, WIN) Maxis PreK-12
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? 3.5 Floppy, (Apple II) CD-ROM (HYBRID) Broderbund Grades: 2-8 Microsoft's Encarta Africana Microsoft, Inc Grades: PreK-12
Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock CD-ROM (HYBRID) Creative Wonders 1 617 761-3000 Grades: 1-5

General Science
The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain The Island of Dr. Brain The Castle of Dr. Brain The Time Warp of Dr. Brain CD-ROM (HYBRID) Sierra Grades: 2-12 Science Court CD-ROM (HYBRID) Tom Snyder Productions Grades: 4-8
Schoolhouse Rock: Science Rock CD-ROM (HYBRID) Creative Wonders 1 617 761-3000 Grades: 1-5

Story & Script Writing
3D Movie Maker CD-ROM (WIN95) Microsoft 1 800 936 4100 Grades: 4-12 Hollywood; Hollywood High CD-ROM (HYBRID) Theatrix Interactive 1 510 658 2800 Grades: K-12
Storybook Weaver Deluxe CD-ROM (HYBRID) MECC 6160 Summit Drive North Minneapolis, MN 55430-4003 Grades: K-12 Opening Night CD-ROM (HYBRID) MECC 6160 Summit Drive North Minneapolis, MN 55430-4003 Grades: 3-12
Scriptware (DOS, WIN) Cinovation, Inc 1 800 788 7090 Grades: 6-12 The Simpson's Cartoon Studio CD-ROM (HYBRID) Fox Interactive 1 303 369 8324 Grades: 6-12
Writer's Workshop 1 & 2 CD-ROM (HYBRID95) Holt Rinehart Winston 1 800 323 9239 Grades: K-12

Presentation Software
HyperStudio CD-ROM (HYBRID) Roger Wagner Publishing 1 619 442 0522 x74 Grades: PreK-12 Kid Pix Deluxe CD-ROM (HYBRID) Broderbund 1 800 685-6322 Grades PreK-8
Astound 4.0 CD-ROM (WIN) Goldwave Applications Grades: 6-12

Web Development Software
AOL Press (Navipress) DOWNLOAD (WIN) Navisoft Inc FREE Backstage Designer Plus CD-ROM (WIN) Macromedia Inc 600 Townsend St San Francisco, CA 94103
Netscape Communicator 6.0 DOWNLOAD (all formats) Netscape Inc FREE

Interactive Adventures
Freakshow CD-ROM (HYBRID) Voyager Software 1 914 591 5500 Myst CD-ROM (HYBRID) Broderbund Inc $30
the Neverhood CD-ROM (WIN95) Dreamworks Interactive $50 Nightmare Ned CD-ROM (WIN95) Disney Interactive $19

File List (click on file to download)


Animated Math


Animated Math educational software is an A+ way to teach children to count, add, and subtract while entertaining them.

Arithmetic Worksheet Generator


ARITHMETIC WORKSHEET GENERATOR 4.0 Has been written with the teacher in mind. As teachers in today`s schools we now have more heterogeneous grouping with multiple levels of student ability. This places an extra burden on us, especially when it comes to prepararing materials for each of these levels. The ARITHMETIC WORKSHEET GENERATOR has been designed to make these preparations easier. Generate and print worksheets that are used to practice and reinforce basic arithmetic skills. From the Main Menu, you will have a choice of four types of numbers whole numbers, integers, decimals, and fractions.

ARTS A-Frame Developer`s


ARTS A-Frame is a test-building tool that lets you create your own multimedia tutorials or exams to train your students.

ARTS A-Frame Personal


ARTS A-Frame Personal Edition is a comprehensive program designed to create multimedia tests or tutorials for students.

ARTS A-Frame Professional


ARTS A-Frame Professional Edition is a comprehensive program designed to create multimedia tests or tutorials for students.



Users can create their own lists of questions and answers. AskMe will ask the questions in random sequence and checks the answer. Includes results overview and history. Questions can be plain text or including an image or a sound. Ideal for learning foreign words. Questions lists and users can be quickly selected from a dropdown list. Includes question list editor.



BestTest is a test creation tool for tests that can be administered on a computer or printed.

Bingo Cards


Bring some fun into the classroom with Bingo Cards. This program enables you to quickly and easily create Bingo cards.


Create A Quiz


"Create A Quiz is a ""computer assisted learning"" software program that allows teachers, educators, parents and businesses to easily generate their own on-screen interactive quizzes exams, surveys and questionnaires. Create A Quiz supports multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style tests. The quizzes and tests that you create can also be printed out for conventional paper and pencil tests."

ClozeMaker for Windows


ClozeMaker allows educators to easily create gap-fill (Cloze) exercises that students can complete on the computer.

Digital Homework


Digital Homework is a program for the crea tion of computer homework assignments. It can be used for the development of every thing from simple quizzes to full-blown computer-based training systems. Write mul tiple choice, matching, true / false, fill in the blank, or essay questions. Link ques tions to web pages or multimedia files Digital Homework is powerful yet easy to use.



DIGITAL TEACHER v2.2 - A question authoring and test data management program for both printed and on-screen lessons. M/C, fill-in the-blank, T/F, Y/N, C/I, essay, sequence and matching formats with images and sounds 2-column printouts in different fonts and colors. Randomly creates tests from multiple question sets. On-screen tests in exercise quiz, and timed exam modes. Export for distance testing & homework.



Examaker is a comprehensive test creation program for educators. Developed by the Esco (Educational Standards Corporation.

Examiner`s Plus Professional


Examiner`sPlus Professional Item Bank You can add thousands of questions into a classified database using Word97. Graphics, equations and pictures are some of the features supported by this tool. You can create tests manually and also automatically in a random fashion. You can enter classical,multiple choice and other types of items.



ExamPro enables you to practice taking an Exam. Exam Files are created with the ExamPrep program (which is included with ExamPro ExamPro and ExamPrep include the following features Timed Exams: While taking an Exam, you will see a Timer at the bottom of the screen. If you do not complete an Exam in the allowable time then you may continue taking the Exam while the Timer is disabled Random Order: You may `scramble` the Order of Questions, which will prevent you from memorizing the Answers by the Order that they appear Filter Questions: You may display only the Questions that are Answered or Unanswered, or only those Answers that are Correct or Incorrect Save Results: If you are unable to complete an Exam, then you may Save the Answers that are completed, and finish the Exam at a later time.

Grading Skills Power for Outcome-Based Education


Grading Skills Power for Outcome-Based Education (OBE) ver 3.04 Record student skill mastery. Reports with up to 900 skills per student can be printed. Up to 15 classes, 36 students per class, 60 skills per group Achieved skills can be weighted, revised dropped. Add general and personalized comments for administrators and parents Complete attendance module.

HTML Fiction Creator


HTML Interactive Fiction Creator is an unique program. It allows the quick and simple creation of a specific kind of HTML pages: Interactive Fiction. All other HTML editors are completely wrong for this purpose, for one main reason: They are slow and cumbersome, and interactive fiction on the web requires the creation of a lot of pages. Using the HTML Interactive Fiction Creator can cut creation time by a quarter or more!

Integral Scientist Periodic Table


A periodic table of the elements for Windows with 93 property fields, 118 elements and six unique interactive table styles including: modern standard, Bayley pyramid, extended standard, A-B octet, electron position and quantum matrix. ISPT also features boolean property lookup, extensive searching tools, shell and orbital graphics, property graphics, and report generation.



With LECTRA (Win 3.1) you can get some practice in reading. 14 exercises are proposed, so you can systematically work the basic abilities of the reading act the perceptive skill, the knowledge of vocabulary, anticipation, selective reading LECTRA builds automatically your exercises using the text you enter.Exists in French English and German version.

Mathematics Worksheet Deluxe


A very easy-to-use and fully customizable math worksheet generator Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with up to 6 digit numbers, decimals and currency. Other operations include fractions percentages, magic squares, rounding numbers, and more. Automatic answer key and riddle generator Windows 95, 98, NT4

Mathematics Worksheet Lite


With the free Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite you can easily create customizable math worksheets to provide students with the practice they need to become proficient in basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

PLAGUE!!! version 2.0


PLAGUE!!! version 2.0: A biological simulation which shows how disease can be transmitted under a variety of user controlled conditions - conquering the disease, wiping out the colony, or co existing in a delicate equilibrium; an educational/health-related/scientific simulation/game; $12 registration fee enables custom-designed growth chambers.



The Rubricator guides you through a process of curriculum design, standards development, criteria establishment..

Word Games at Camelot